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      UHF RFID Smart File Cabinet

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      tubiao.png Brief Intro

      UHF RFID smart file cabinet support EPC C1 G2(ISO18000-6C) Protocol, could connect with library system and database. It contains industrial computer, RFID system control box, hub, antenna box, file cabinet.

      It uses a steel structure. Single-sided 5 layer design, according to the thickness of the file, it can be placed 200-3000 files. The 10.1 inch touch screen on the front of the file cabinet can display the information of the files on the entire file cabinet. You can also check the location of the file after connecting to the network.
      It is equipped with a dedicated antenna, which can effectively avoid misreading the file labels on the upper, lower, front, back, left and right adjacent layers.


      tubiao.png Functions

      • Independent intellectual property rights design
      • With Android operating system
      • Support EPC C1 G2(ISO18000-6C)protocol

      • Working frequency band 902-928MHZ(can be customized 865-868MHZ)
      • Output power 33dbm(adjustable8-33dbm)

      • With the functions of file import, registration, inventory, query, and file borrowing and returning
      • Possess the positioning function of the shelf area (one area between two partitions)
      • The inventory rate is fast, and the inventory of the main and auxiliary cabinets can be completed within 12 seconds at the fastest|
      • Real-time inventory function can be realized, and the wrong cabinet files can be found in real time
      • The port dwell time can be freely set in units of 10ms (typical value is 50ms), which can adapt to more application needs
      • Convenient secondary development, providing a complete API interface
      • Built-in eight-channel photoelectric isolation GPIO port, can expand more application needs

      tubiao.png Appearance and Structure

      • Dimensions: 900×325×2000mm(main cabinet)
      • Weight:80KG(main cabinet)
      • Working frequency band: 902MHz~928MHz/865~868MHZ
      • Protocol: ISO 18000-6C
      • Working temperature: -20℃~60℃
      • Storage temperature: -30℃~70℃
      • Relative humidity: 5%~95%RH, no condensation
      • Power supply: AC 220V±10%  47~63 Hz
      • Total power consumption: about 45W
      • Communication interface: RS-232 (DB9), RJ45