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                        Four Antenna Ports UHF Rfid Fixed Reader

                        Products Mode: HYR830
                        Chip: Impinj R2000
                        Fixed Current: ≤0.8 A
                        Fixed Power: 30dBm
                        Stepping Interval: 1dBm
                        Tag Protocol: EPC C1G2/ISO18000-6C
                        Typical Read Range: 10m with 8dBi Rfid Antenna


                        tubiao.png Product Introduction

                        • HYR830 adopts Impinj R2000 module,maximum power output is 30dbm.
                        • 4 RP TNC ports, with an 8dbi circular polarized antenna, reading distance can reach 10 meters.
                        • Reading speed is 400 tags/sec.
                        • Support LBT function(Customizable).
                        • Support dense reader working mode(DRM)
                        • 8 LED lights, real-time display working status.
                        • Many external ports, Including network interface,RS232、GPIO_IN*4、GPIO_OUT*4、LAN、WIFI, can meet different client’s requirement.
                        • Excellent read and write performance, it is suitable for complicated environment application, for example logistics, clothing, asset management etc.


                        tubiao.png Technical Specifications

                        S/N Item Parameters Unit Remark
                        1 Operating voltage 12 V  
                        2 Maximum Current 800 mA  
                        3 Standby current ≤100 mA  
                        4 Frequency range 840-960 MHz  
                        5 Defaultoperating frequency Frequency hopping MHz Frequency interval 250KHz
                        6 Channel bandwidth 250 KHz  
                        7 Frequency hopping speed ≤2 s  
                        8 Maximum power output 30 dBm  
                        9 Step interval 1 dB 5~30dBmadjustable by
                        10 Label protocol EPC C1G2
                        11 Radio-frequen
                        cy power
                        rising time
                        ≤500 μs  
                        12 Radio-frequencypowerdropping time ≤500 μs  
                        13 Adjacent
                        channel power
                        leaking ratio
                        ≤-40 dB ±1CH
                          ≤-60 dB ±2CH
                        14 Frequency
                        stabilizing ratio
                        ±10 ppm -25℃~+40℃
                          ±20 ppm -40℃~+60℃
                        15 Maximum reading
                        10 m 8dBi Antenna
                        16 Multi-Label >400/s    

                        tubiao.png Appearance and structure

                        • Size(L*W*H):190×145×30mm
                        • Weight:300g


                        tubiao.png External Interface


                        tubiao.png DB15 Interface definition

                        S/N Item Technical data Unit Remark
                        Pin Signal name Signal direction Function/compatibility description  
                        1 GPIO2 Output   Optical isolation
                        2 GPIO3 Output   Optical isolation
                        3 GPIO8 Input   Optical isolation
                        4 GPIO6 Input   Optical isolation
                        5 WIEGAND1 Output WIEGAND Port  
                        6 485A Bidirection RS485 Port  
                        7 GPIO1 Output   Optical isolation
                        8 GPIO4 Output   Optical isolation
                        9 GPIO5 Input   Optical isolation
                        10 WIEGAND0 Output WIEGAND port  
                        11 485B Bidirection RS485  
                        12 GPIO7 Input   Optical isolation
                        13 CANH Bidirection CAN port  
                        14 CANL Bidirection CAN port  

                        tubiao.png Environment requirement

                        S/N Item Parameters Unit Remark
                        1 Working temperature -20~+70  
                        2 Storage temperature -40~+85  
                        3 Relative humidity 5%~95% RH Non-Condensing

                        tubiao.png Certification

                        FCC ID: RVZHYR830
                        CE: ETSI EN 301, ETSI EN 302, EN 50364, EN60950


                        tubiao.png Video Description