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      UHF RFID Reader Microstrip Ceramics Antenna

      Products Mode: T40505W


      • UHF RFID Reader Circular Polarization Antenna
      • Microstrip Ceramics Antenna with RHCP
      • Small antenna element
      • Low Weight,Compact Size
      • Low Interaction with platform
      • Negligible Detuning Close to Users
      • Easy Application and Save development time



      No   Min Typ Max Unit
      1 Part Number T40505W Each
      2 Type Microstrip Ceramics Antenna  
      3 Operating Frequency 866.5MHz±1.5MHz MHz
      4 Polarization RHCP  
      5 Peak Gain 2 dbic
       6 Beamwidth >3 MHz
      7 VSWR 1.5:1 MHz
      8 Axial Ration < Db