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      HYN525 uhf rfid antenna

      Products Mode: HYN525

      Product functions


      It is a general antenna for UHF RFID applications with high gain and low VSWR.



      It’s suitable for access control system, warehouse management, logistic system, and retail management


      Performance Specifications

      Frequency Range 840MHz960MHz

      Maximum VSWR≤1.3:1

      Gain > 6dBic

      H side HPBW 90°

      E side HPBW 90°

      PolarizationCircular Polarization

      Relative humidity       5%95%

      Input Impedance:50 Ω


      Physical specifications

      Size  104mm×104mm×11mm

      Weight    0.1KG

      Material   PCB

      Enclosure Rating:   IP45

      Operational Temperature -40℃~+ 85℃

      Storage Temperature -40℃~+ 85℃


      Antenna performance figure


                           The VSWR


                        Antenna radiation pattern